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2018 Project Workshop - Multistakeholder participation in global Internet standard setting

On the 23rd May 2018 the project team held their final workshop in Brussels. The workshop took place at the University of Warwick's Brussels office. 

The workshop focused on multistakeholder participation in a global Internet standard setting. 


Audio from the workshop can be found here

Please see the agenda below: 

9:00: Registration and Refreshments

9.30: Introduction: Alison Harcourt

9.45: Panel 1. Global governance of internet standards

Chair: Seamus Simpson, University of Salford

Jan Scholte, University off Gothenburg "Polycentrism and Democracy in Internet Governance"

Diane Stone, University of Warwick "Global Policies, Transnational administration and the Public Interest"

Lee A. Bygrave, University of Oslo "The public interest in SDO making"

11.00: Tea and coffee break

11.30: Panel 2. Horizontal issues within SDO decision-making

Chair: Rigo Wenning, W3C

Mark Wheeler, Whitespace Technology "Dynamic spectrum access standardisation, white spaces and IoT"

Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Asipto “Video codec selection in IETF: reaching consensus.”

Nick Sullivan, Cloudflare "Security issues in TLS 1.3"

12.30: Lunch

13.30: Panel 3. Stakeholders: civil society, industry and the state

Chair: David Coen, UCL

Corinne Cath, University of Oxford "Development of the Human Rights Protocol Considerations in the IETF"

Alp Toker, “Development and implementation of HTTP status code 451.”

Nick Doty, University of California, Berkeley "Mitigating browser Fingerprinting in Web Specifications"

15.00: Panel 4. Project Findings

Chair: Simon Phipps, Open Rights Group

Alison Harcourt, University of Exeter "State steer in SDO policy making: applying a multiple streams framework"

George Christou, University of Warwick "Private actors and the public interest in Internet Governance"

Seamus Simpson, University of Salford and Imir Rashid, University of Exeter "Civil society activism and spectrum decision-making"

Discussant: Nikolaos Zahariadis, Rhodes College

16:00 Concluding remarks: George Christou