International Professional Fora:

A study of civil society organisation participation in internet governance

International Professional Fora:

A study of civil society organisation participation in internet governance

Project Workshop 2017 - Current issues in SDO decision-making for the Internet

The project team held its second workshop in London on November 15th 2017 at Portcullis House, Westminster. 

The workshop was convened by the research team and external steering group members

It focused on current issues in SDO decision making for the internet. 

9:00 - Registration and refreshments

9.30 - Introduction: George Christou, Professor of European Politics and Security, University of Warwick

9.50 - Panel 1. Standard-setting in internet governance: key issues. Chair: David Coen, Professor of Public Policy, UCL

Nikolaus Thumm, European Commission ““Governance of formal standard setting: IoT, IPR and other issues”

Dan Appelquist, Director of Web Advocacy & Open Source at Samsung Research UK “The case of HTML and the living standard : Evolution vs. Revolution”

Olga Kokoulina, Centre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR), University of Copenhagen, “IPR policies in SDOs: a comparative analysis.”

11.00 - Tea and coffee break

11.30 - Panel 2. Security and privacy Chair: George Christou

Anja Feldmann, Professor in Computer Science, TU Berlin “Encryption issues in the IETF’s QUIC standard.”

Kevin Smith, Senior Technology Strategist, R&D Vodafone Group “The QUIC standard: a view from mobile operators.”

Javier Ruiz, Executive Director, Open Rights Group “A civil society perspective.”

12.30 - Lunch

13.30 - Panel 3. The Internet of Things and governance, Chair: Seamus Simpson, Professor of Communications, University of Salford

Clara Neppel, Senior Director European Business Operations, IEEE Technology Centre, “IEEE standards activities: AI as a key enabler for the IoT.”

Michael Gundlach, Senior Standardisation Specialist, Nokia “The importance of spectrum in the development of standards.”

Wendy Grossman, Independent technology writer “Unstacking the deck.”

14.30 - Panel 4. Content protection on-line Chair: Alison Harcourt, Professor of Public Policy, University of Exeter

Sabrina Kirrane, Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems, WU Vienna “Digital rights management and standard setting”

Harry Halpin, Researcher on privacy and security, INRIA “EME: an open source perspective.”

Phil Archer, Director, Omni Channel Retail, GS1 “Rights expression languages”

15.40 - Closing remarks, Alison Harcourt

16.00 - Event ends